2019 How Unpleasant will it be?

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2019 is now upon us, gym memberships are up due to indulgence over the holiday period, but what does 2019 have in store for us.

People are starting to realise now that it is going to be rocky road ahead, for certain one of the G7 countries will go into recession if not all.

Steen Jakobsen (Saxo Bank) has succinctly framed what we are facing globally is betting on a “global policy panic” and another round of massive money printing and debt creation stimulus from central banks and governments. The Fed will then be forced to abandon interest rate rises. China will once again throw the kitchen sink at the problem. “The mood in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia is the worst I have seen – including the conditions leading into 2008. There is a new sense of urgency everywhere,” he said. “Europe is sliding back into recession despite a negative ECB policy rate. Germany and its marquee names suddenly look a far greater risk than Italy’s populist government. The UK has suffered the biggest credit impulse contraction of any country.”

So what does this mean from a commodity perspective, there is no doubt volatility will rise, people will start to look at alternative investments than trust their money with financial institutions, there for we should see a great deal of wealth preservation come to the market.

Wealth preservation requires assets with zero third party liability, tier one asset class and highly liquid. Taking this into consideration the safest bet will be the accumulation of physical precious metals.

Therefore traders and companies will increasingly require the tools to aid and assist in monitoring all precious metals volumes and locations around the world. Our next generation Fusion CTRM Software has the capabilities to make sure the monitoring, valuations, and capture of these wealth preservation assets ensures there are no errors in this volatile time.

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