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Fusion ctrm system integration

Fendahl is a specialist provider of CTRM (Commodity trading & risk management) software solutions.


Fusion CTRM is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Third party systems can integrate to Fusion using Fusion’s integration adaptor. Fusion’s integration adaptor is Fusion’s out of the box web service-based adaptor that supports both SOAP and REST based web services.

These services support both push as well as pull based API call functions in order to communicate critical data from the CTRM/ETRM system to third party systems such as ERP solutions. 

Based on the final integration design and data mappings it may be necessary to both send data to the third-party systems as well as receive data back from the other third-party systems. This integration will be enabled using the robust integration architecture which is explained in this document.

Integration of Fusion CTRM and an third-party systems can be achieved using either industry standard middleware tools or custom coding. 



Fusion is a next generation CTRM system that delivers greater levels of scalability, reliability and performance at a lower total cost of ownership when compared to legacy CTRM systems.

Fusion’s modern architecture means that it can be easily and more affordably integrated with third party solutions such as ERP or accounting systems.

  • Fusion is built using the latest Microsoft technologies stack.

  • Fusion’s integration adaptor delivers a best in class web service-based adaptor which makes integration with both SOAP and REST straightforward and cost effective.

  • Fusion has a uniform technology stack across all layers (all Microsoft Based). There means there are no cross technology issues and technology version dependencies.

  • Designed for performance Fusion is a lightweight system that uses multithreading and background processing to significantly improve the performance and scalability of the solution.

  • Fusion is Cloud ready and can be deployed in the cloud, as a hosted solution or in house.

  • Fusion offers one-click deployment and automated version updates.

  • Built entirely in-house Fusion has been developed 100% by Fendahl and contains no third party dependencies


Fusion is a CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) system used by trading organisations to manage trade and risk management business processes. 

Fendahl has pre-built Fusion CTRM adapters for MS Dynamics NAV, developed in partnership with Fendahl’s European Microsoft partner. An integrated Fusion CTRM and MS Dynamics NAV solution delivers number of benefits to trading businesses: 

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  1. Pre-integration – Fendahl is pre-integrated with MS NAV using the productised Fusion CTRM to MS NAV Integration Framework solution. This delivers tight integration and rapid deployment at a low cost.
  2. Standard Reports – A wide range of standard reports can be produced by either Fusion or MS NAV
  3. Unified Custom Reporting Environment – business users can produce reports on data held in Fusion CTRM and in MS NAV in a single unified reporting environment. This means custom reports can be produced by Fusion’s Executive Reporter that contain data from both Fusion CTRM and MS NAV.
  4. Low Cost – MS NAV offers a powerful industry leading financial accounting environment that integrates seamlessly with Fendahl Fusion CTRM with a low cost of ownership.