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Fendahl fusion ctrm modules

Fusion is the only CTRM solution that delivers; advanced CTRM functionality, market data management, and advanced business intelligence tools within a single integrated modular software platform. This coupled with Fusion’s modern architecture allows Fusion CTRM Software to meet the complex business requirements of trading businesses without the need for expensive custom development or integration work.




  • Trade Types
  • Trade Controller
  • Link Trade Controller
  • LC Controller
  • 02


  • Position Controller
  • Credit Risk Controller
  • Stress & Scenario Management
  • 03


  • Payment Controller
  • Invoice Controller
  • Cashflow Controller
  • Cost Controller
  • 04


  • Transfer Controller
  • Schedule Controller
  • Match Controller
  • Itinerary Desktop
  • Planning Reports
  • 05

    SUPPORT TOOLS & more

  • Executive Reporter
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Refinery Run Down Management
  • Terminal Inventory Management
  • Central Inventory Management Market Data Controller
  • Exchange Integrator (ICE, NYMEX) Fendahl PFE
  • Fusion Customs Forms
  • Fusion Forecast to contract
  • VaR Value at Risk
  • Fendahl Fusion CTRM Software ctrm etrm

    Innovation meets Performance Efficiency Productivity Effectiveness Optimization Results with Fusion CTRM

    Many companies suffer from high running costs and poor performance by using outdated ETRM/CTRM software from legacy providers. Tied into license agreements and concerned about migrating to and adopting a new system, they remain unaware of the significant advantages that a modern ETRM/CTRM system can provide.

    Fendahl International provides the new generation of CTRM software in the form of Fusion CTRM. 

    Comprehensive functionality:

    Fusion CTRM is a multi-commodity intelligent system that supports the requirements of front office, operations, and back office while providing powerful in-built reporting tools. With Fusion, Fendahl offers a comprehensive solution for all your commodity trading and risk management needs.

    Customizable and flexible:

    Fusion CTRM is highly customizable and can be easily modified to meet the unique business processes of each client. This flexibility ensures that our software can adapt to your specific needs, rather than forcing you to conform to a rigid system. Experience the power of tailor-made software with Fusion.

    Fast implementation:

    Compared to legacy CTRM solutions, Fusion can be implemented much faster, allowing you to get up and running quickly. This speed is due to our modern architecture and 100% built-in-house philosophy, which means we can work efficiently and collaboratively with you to deliver a customized solution. Say goodbye to lengthy implementation processes with Fusion.

    Seamless integration:

    Fusion CTRM can be easily integrated with third-party systems such as ERPs, providing you with a seamless and efficient solution for your commodity trading and risk management needs. This integration allows for the smooth flow of data between systems, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that you have a comprehensive view of your operations. Experience the power of integrated software with Fusion.