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Fusion ETRM for North
American Natural Gas

Fendahl is the global leader in providing a new generation of intelligent ETRM (energy trading and management software) solutions for North American Natural Gas.

The Fendahl Fusion ETRM platform is an analytics-driven, end-to-end commodity management platform that addresses the specific requirements of Natural Gas traders. Enabling companies to efficiently and profitably meet the challenges of complex and volatile commodity markets.

Natural Gas trading businesses need to manage complex movements of Gas across multiple pipelines and physical borders. Operations teams need to manage the complexity but also do it efficiently. 

Fusion’s Scheduling Workbench provides management of transportation, fuel charges, interconnects and storage, for multiple pipelines in one easy to read screen that updates balances in real time.

North American Natural Gas

Why fusion ctrm is beneficial for the Natural Gas Traders

Fendahl Fusions ETRM / CTRM software is a Innovative, Affordable & Scalable solution that supports companies involved in the trading and sale of North American natural gas. Here are some ways our Next Gen ETRM / CTRM Software can help:

  1. Improved visibility and control: Fusion’s ETRM software can help natural gas companies track inventory levels, monitor shipping and logistics, and manage contracts with suppliers and customers. This can help ensure that the right amount of natural gas is available to meet demand and prevent stockouts or excess inventory.

  2. Enhanced risk management: Fusion’s ETRM software can help natural gas companies identify and manage risks related to price volatility, transportation, and regulatory compliance. By having a better understanding of potential risks, companies can make more informed decisions and take proactive steps to mitigate risk.

  3. Increased efficiency and cost savings: Fusion’s ETRM software can help automate many of the processes involved in natural gas trading, such as contract management, invoicing, and settlement. This can help reduce the time and cost associated with manual processes, allowing companies to focus on more strategic activities.

  4. Better decision-making: By providing real-time data and analytics, Fusion’s ETRM software can help natural gas companies make more informed decisions about pricing, inventory management, and supply chain optimization. This can help improve profitability and competitive advantage.

  5. Compliance: Fusion’s ETRM software can help companies comply with various regulations and reporting requirements related to the trading of natural gas. This can help reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.

Overall, our Fusion ETRM software can help North American natural gas companies operate more efficiently, reduce risk, and make more informed decisions. Our software will make sure you remain competitive in a challenging and rapidly changing market.

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North American Natural Gas