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Shanghai, China 16th of January 2020 – Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metal Smelt Co. Ltd., has selected Fusion CTRM Software to manage to its complete Trading and Risk Management business processes.

Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metals specialises in the smelting, refining, recycling and trading of non-ferrous metals including lead, zinc, antimony, silver, indium, zinc, and numerous other metal and rare earth materials.

To continue to successfully compete in the global metals market, Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metals recognised the need to move from manual Excel based business processes to a specialist next generation metals trading solution.

Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metals performed an intensive evaluation of metals trading solutions which included multiple system demonstrations and scenario-based workshops. They required a solution that could meet the complexities of the metals trading industry, whilst also delivering end user ease of use and rapid deployment.

Nanfang selected Fusion CTRM because the solution clearly met their requirements, and Fendahl’s consultants where able to demonstrate a wealth of metals and metal concentrates industry knowledge.

Fendahl is shortly due to begin the implementation at Nanfang Non-Ferrous Metals with Fendahl’s experienced professional services team looking forward to successfully delivering the project.

About Fusion CTRM for Metals

Used by some of the world’s largest mining companies and metals traders, Fusion CTRM (Commodity Trading & Risk Management) software enables the intelligent trading and risk management of raw materials, metal concentrates, refined metals and minerals.

Fusion CTRM is the only trading solution capable of handling the entire metals market from refined steel products to the complex pricing, processing, logistics and production forecasting of metal concentrates and rare earth metals.

Get in contact today to learn more about Fusion CTRM and the benefits it can provide to your business.

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