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How Fusion CTRM's coffee trading features transform the bean to cup journey

The Intricate world of coffee Trading

In the intricate world of coffee trading, where every bean counts, the need for a comprehensive and adaptable CTRM system is paramount. Fusion CTRM is not just a solution; it’s a revolution in the coffee trading business, designed to meet the unique and full-spectrum requirements of the industry.

Mastering European Standards: Fusion CTRM software rises to meet the challenge of adhering to the European Standard Contracts for Coffee (ESCC). Fusion CTRM is built to support and streamline every aspect of ESCC, providing users with the agility to customize norms to their specific business processes. This adaptability ensures that transitioning to Fusion is not only seamless but also significantly elevates operational efficiency. 

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Innovative Sampling Process: Sampling in the coffee trade is bit just a complex procedural step; it’s critical to product quality. Fusion CTRM’s innovative sampling feature adeptly manages these complexities by maintaining sampling data at both pre-shipment levels and under ‘Subject To Sample’ conditions. It ensures a seamless link between sampling data and respective contracts or stocks, enhancing the quality assurance process at every step. 

Configurable MTM for Comprehensive Coverage: Market-to-market (MTM) calculations in coffee trading are complex, but Fusion CTRM’s configurable MTM feature is up to the task. Whether it’s tracking at the origin, following Incoterms, or monitoring at the packaging or commodity level, Fusion provides comprehensive coverage and unparalleled accuracy in financial reporting. 

Streamlined Operations and Loss Management: The operational capabilities of Fusion CTRM are vast, supporting various transactions such as back-to-back deals, spot sales, and specialty coffee offerings. It captures and manages the minutiae of operational quantities, including shipped and landed weights, to track weight loss during transit. This intelligent management extends to contract conditions, ensuring accurate invoicing and loss accounting. 

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License Management and Mass Balancing: Fusion CTRM doesn’t stop at trade management. It also supports the maintenance of licensed coffee, allowing for mass balancing, the sale of coffee with or without a license, and even the reassignment of licenses. This feature ensures compliance with regulatory standards and meets the ethical considerations of today’s coffee market. 

Coffee Processing Innovations: Coffee processing is a critical phase where Fusion CTRM shines with support for blending, repacking, and regrading. These innovative features cater to the unique demands of coffee processing, ensuring the integrity and quality of the final product. 


With its comprehensive functionalities, Fusion CTRM stands as an indispensable ally in the coffee trading industry. The journey from bean to cup is filled with details and decisions—Fusion CTRM ensures each one is made with precision and insight. It’s not just software; it’s a strategic partner for anyone in the coffee business aiming for perfection. 

Stay tuned for a deep dive into each of these features in our upcoming blog series, where we’ll explore how Fusion CTRM’s sophisticated tools can enrich your operations. 

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