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CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) systems are vital to the function of a modern trading business. However often trading businesses struggle with CTRM systems that function poorly.

Common issues include:

  • Data Integrity – users not trusting system produced MTM, PnL, or Position data
  • Poor Performance – Slow end-user response times or extended EoD (day end processing) impacting the function of the business
  • Poor System Stability – resulting in system crashes or the system having regular restarts
  • Data Security Issues – valuable company data is insecure or leaking
  • Functionality Gaps – with systems failing to support key business processes
  • Poor User Adoption – end users refusing to use the system or performing key business processes outside of the CTRM system


Diagnosing the causes and fixing the problems requires specialist CTRM technical and functional system skills and experience. As result most trading business live with these problems not realising that in most cases these system problems can be fixed.

All CTRM systems need to be properly configured and regularly maintained to make sure they deliver; accurate result to the business, acceptable system performance, and high levels of reliability.

If you want fix CTRM system problems the first step is identifying the problems, their causes, and how to fix them. Fendahl is an independent specialist CTRM consultancy with many years of CTRM technical and functional experience, across multiple CTRM software platforms (OpenLink Endur/cMotion/RightAngle, TPT CXL, Allegro, JustCommodity, SAP, etc.). Fendahl performs CTRM system health checks for trading business.

A Fendahl CTRM system Health Check is a comprehensive hands-on study of a CTRM system and how the system is used. The Health Check covers:

  • Hardware Issues – hardware sizing, hardware configuration, etc.
  • Database Issues – databases configuration, sizing, maintenance, etc.
  • Messaging Controllers Issues – incorrect configuration of JBOSS or WebLogic
  • Application Server Issues – application server configuration, configuration of distributed computing environments, etc.
  • CTRM Systems Usage – are users using the system correctly? Do users need training?
  • Designed and Executed Integration – poorly designed integration with third party systems is often a cause of CTRM system problems
  • Functionality Gaps – what are the functional gaps?, is there functionality that could be deployed in the existing system? Could business processes be modified to use existing functionality? Are gap filling solutions available?
  • Maintenance & Support Issues – is the CTRM system being property maintained?


The result of CTRM health check is an independent report that documents; the CTRM system problems, the causes of the problems, and the available options to resolve the problems. The report allows decision makers to make informed decisions on how to resolve their CTRM system problems.

Importantly Fendahl is independent of CTRM software vendors and is committed to helping customers get value from their investments in CTRM systems. Vendors tend to be more interested in selling software licenses and system upgrades.

If you would like to learn more about our CTRM Health Check Services, then please get in contact

About Fendahl Technology

Fendahl is a specialist provider of consulting services and CTRM (commodity trading & risk management) software solutions to commodity trading organisations. Fendahl has a dedicated team of 85 staff with offices in the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, serving a growing global client base across multiple commodity segments. Fendahl offices are located in the London, UK; Sterling, USA; Dubai, UAE and Nagpur, India.

Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM suite is leading the next generation of CTRM solutions, setting new standards for; ease of use, flexible functionality, end user performance, scalability, reliability, and provides the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

In addition to the Fusion CTRM Suite Fendahl offers a range of outsourced managed support services for several other major CTRM platforms including CXL, Endur etc. The managed services range from simple second level support for an existing help desk to a fully outsourced help desk services where no internal support desk staff are required.

“CXL is a registered trademark of Triple Point Technology, Inc. Fendahl is not affiliated with or endorsed by Triple Point Technology, Inc.”

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