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Fendahl is an official Silver sponsor of the 2016 CTRM Conference held at The Thistle Marble Arch hotel in London, UK on the 27th of October 2016. The theme of the conference this year is “CTRM in a low commodity price environment”. Focusing on maximizing value from investments in CTRM software, from the initial procurement through its ongoing support and maintenance, paying close attention to cloud and non-traditional delivery of CTRM software.

Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM software perfectly matches the theme of the conference with Fusion offering the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Fusion is the next generation of CTRM software, setting new standards for; ease of use, flexible functionality, end user performance, scalability and reliability. Fusion can be deployed both in house or on the cloud and is designed to be an enterprise solution covering the requirements of front, middle, and back office. Fendahl will be showcasing its Fusion CTRM software with a live demonstration at the conference.

Alongside Fusion, Fendahl offers a range of other services that can help you to extract value from your existing CTRM software and improve performance. These include;

  • Managed Services: – Outsourcing CTRM support allows clients to make significant cost savings and gain access to highly experienced support staff. Fendahl’s support staff are exposed to a wide range of support issues across many clients meaning their knowledge is greater than that of any in house support. Customers can choose from a simple entry level support package to a fully 24×7 managed service contract for global or “always-on” CTRM customers. Find out more about managed services.
  • Performance Tuning: – Many companies have underlying performance issues with their CTRM software and are unaware that almost all problems can be fixed with effective performance tuning. Fendahl Technology is a specialist CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) consultancy that provides specialist CTRM performance tuning services. Fendahl has successfully performance tuned a variety of different CTRM solutions for many customers and delivered dramatic improvements, ultimately resulting in improved profitability
  • Custom CTRM Plug-In Solutions: – Unlike Fendahl’s feature rich Fusion CTRM software many legacy CTRM solutions are lacking in both basic and advanced functionalities. Fendahl has successfully developed fully integrated custom solutions for many CTRM vendors. These solutions range from specialist reporting tools for back offices users, reducing the number of user licenses required, to stress testing software allowing clients to assess their position at any point in time against numerous market factors.


If you are attending this year’s CTRM Conference we would welcome to meet with you and demonstrate the power of our Fusion CTRM software, or discuss how we can optimise your current solution.

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