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With the world in an unprecedented period of change, Fendahl has taken this as an opportunity to develop and enhance Fusion CTRM’s capabilities. Fendahl’s Freight Management solution will be both a Fusion CTRM module and a standalone solution, capable of integrating with third party solutions.

Freight management within a CTRM solution has traditionally been more of a reporting tool, alongside integration with a more specialized freight system where the shipowners can manage their voyages, and chartering operations. The vision driving Fusion Freight development is to create a fully front to back freight solution. Not only from the stance of the Chartering desk, capturing the various different chartering types such as Spot, COA, CVC, Time Charter, etc. but also from the perspective of the shipowner.

Fendahl has already begun the development of Fusion Freight Management with core functionality in testing. The Fusion Freight module leverages on Fusion CTRM’s existing risk engine, which can provide out of the box complete PnL, PnL Attribution, Mark to Market and Price Exposure for all trade types from simple derivatives to the most complex formula based physical trades. Fusion Freight couples this trade risk logic to a streamlined visual scheduling tool, which allows operations to plan their load/discharge activity and budget costs.

Adding shipping capabilities allows users to view all ship positions, cargo opportunities, voyage calculations and provides a forward thinking position view of bunkers and ships TCE for the lifetime of the vessel enabling the user to hedge effectively and manage each vessels performance. Using Fusion CTRM’s Customer Portal allows the vessels to directly link into the system from ship to shore allowing real time views of where the ship is, instant noon reports and Statement of Facts.

Fusion’s proprietary document manager allows the operator to generate the necessary documents required, for example, updated Q88, load and discharge orders, LOI’s direct from the system and these can be stored against each vessel and or voyage.

Once development is complete in Q3 of 2020, all of the above information will also be available on Fusions Mobile application.

Get in contact today to learn more about Fusion CTRM and the benefits it can provide to your business.

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