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Nunspeet, Netherlands –15th December 2021

Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM solution has successfully gone live at Partners Network, one of Europe’s largest traders of fresh produce. Based in the Netherlands, Partners Network trades poultry, fish, beef, pork, fruit, vegetables and dairy products on a global basis. Partners Network has offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines and the USA.

After a competitive CTRM selection process, involving leading CTRM vendors, Partners Network selected Fusion CTRM. Partners Network chose the next generation Fusion solution because Fusion offered; superior trading functionality, a low long-term cost of ownership, enabled remote working for employees though workflow and task management, and a variety of mobile applications.

A key part of Partners Network’s selection process was Fusion’s extensive integration capabilities. Partners Network simultaneously chose to replace their existing finance system. Partners Network selected Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Fendahl successfully integrated the two systems. Fusion’s pre-built Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapters mean that integration is straight forward and risk free.

Partners Network also required integration with the INTTRA container booking and tracking solution, as part of the project Fendahl incorporated container booking, tracking and management into the Fusion CTRM solution via INTTRA’s web services.

Remotely Delivered Project – Due to Covid-19 the project was successfully delivered on a remote basis, with the Fendahl project team spending zero days on-site. Fendahl and Partners Network’s project teams worked closely to deliver the project within budget.

About Partners Network

Partners Network has grown rapidly into a worldwide trading and operations business. Managed from The Netherlands, containers with poultry, fish, beef, pork, fruit, vegetables and dairy are shipped from one side of the world to the other. This is possible through the diverse group of experts with different nationalities and broad knowledge on legislation and requirements for the exporting and importing countries, who together form the team of Partners Network.

About Fendahl

Fendahl Technology is a rapidly growing global CTRM software and consulting company with a dedicated team of over 135 staff with offices in the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, serving a growing global client base across multiple commodity segments. Fendahl offices are located in the London, UK; Houston, USA; Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Nagpur, India.

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