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Fendahl recognises that in order to remain competitive in today’s complex and crowded commodity trading markets, trading businesses need to offer more value to their counterparts. The Fusion CTRM Web Portal allows trading businesses to deliver value added services that simplify business processes and reducing overall administration costs.

Fusion CTRM’s Customer Portal provides counterparts with 24 hour a day access to data, business processes and analytical tools. Fusion Customer Portal provides your counterparties with a customizable CTRM dashboard, accessed via any web browser, that allows them to view; contracts, cashflows, invoices, payments, stocks and report on this data. Customers can also enter orders and request deliveries.

Fusion Customer Portal is fully configurable to meet a wide range of counterparty requirements across different commodity types and also allow you to control the information any counterparty are able to view or request.

Below is a Screenshot of The Fusion Customer Portal showing contracts for a particular organisation. Users can view the contracts pertaining to their organisations, both open and historical, as well as print/attach confirmation documents.

Portal Users can also request new contracts through the Portal which will initiate a workflow within the core Fusion CTRM System, holding the contract in a pending status and notifying the appropriate person within your organisation.

Below is an example of the dashboard view that portal users can configure and download reports from. These can be fixed by the trading business or certain options can be provided to the counterpart.

Fusion CTRM’s Customer Portal can greatly improve your customer service and delivers the following benefits to your customers: –

  • Web-based intuitive dashboards, drill down charts and advanced reporting capability.
  • Allows clients to quickly access contract information, view invoices, cashflows & payments and check stocks.
  • Provides downloadable copies of contract documents and invoices at the click of a button.
  • Allow customers to request contracts and deliveries in a pending status whilst alerting the appropriate people within your business.


Senior management have a limited number of macro level levers that can be manipulated to deliver growth and profitability to any trading business. The two main key levers under management’s control are service level to counterparties and operating costs.

Trading businesses that are able to offer superior levels of customer service to their counterparties within a given operating budget have a real competitive edge. Delivering superior levels of customer service while maintaining low levels of operating costs requires a trading business to have business process that are both flexible, efficient and automated.

Fusion’s Customer Portal is just one way that Fusion helps you to deliver improved customer service and reduce operating costs.

About Fendahl

Fendahl Technology is a rapidly growing global next generation CTRM software provider with a dedicated team of over 125 staff. Fendahl offices are located in the London, UK; Houston, USA; Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Nagpur, India.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a next generation CTRM solutions then click here to learn more about Fendahl Fusion CTRM.

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