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Smaller trading businesses often initially manage their trading and finance requirements manually in spreadsheets and an “off the shelf” accounting solution, but as they grow these initial quick fixes begin to fall apart. Several pressures begin to appear:

  • Overall business process complexity.
  • Increasing trade volumes.
  • Complex logistics chains.
  • Regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Financial reporting and lending regulations.
  • Errors in manual data entry.

CTRM solutions that resolve these issues are often judged on past perceptions by small to medium sized trading business to be costly solutions for large organisations, requiring lengthy resource intensive implementations and costly integration with a finance/ERP solution. So, the immediate response to these pressures is often to hire more resources to prop up manual processes and to implement several small third-party software solutions to cover individual business processes. The result is an expensive web of disconnected business processes and additional human resources built up over time to meet individual issues.

Fendahl is changing these perceptions by offering trading businesses an all in one solution with pre-built integration adapters and certified integrations with several leading accounting/ERP solution providers. One of these solutions is Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 (MS NAV). Fendahl has worked in partnership with a leading Microsoft partner to develop pre-built integration adapters with MS NAV. A combined Fusion CTRM and MS NAV solution meets the challenges of a growing trading business and delivers the following benefits: –

  • Pre-Built Integration Adapters – Fendahl is pre-integrated with MS NAV using the productised Fusion CTRM to MS NAV Integration Framework solution. This delivers a robust, low risk integration and rapid deployment at a low cost.
  • Standard Reports – A wide range of standard reports can be produced by either Fusion or MS NAV
  • Unified Custom Reporting Environment – business users can produce reports on data held in Fusion CTRM and in MS NAV in a single unified reporting environment. This means custom reports can be produced by Fusion’s Executive Reporter that contain data from both Fusion CTRM and MS NAV.
  • Low Cost – MS NAV offers a powerful industry leading financial accounting environment that integrates seamlessly with Fendahl Fusion CTRM with a low cost of ownership.


A combination of MS NAV and Fusion CTRM, a next generation CTRM solution offering low total cost of ownership and rapid deployment, means that there is an affordable and scalable solution for small and medium sized trading companies. Fusion CTRM’s customers include small trading organisations with under 5 users and large publicly listed companies with over 130 users, an integrated MS NAV and Fusion CTRM solution is able to scale to meet the requirements of both extremes.

To discover more about Fusion CTRM and integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, download the – Fusion CTRM MS Dynamics NAV Integration Whitepaper here.

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