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Dubai, UAE – 24th of September 2018 SARF Commodities DMCC selects Fusion CTRM Software to manage their trading operations across multiple commodity groups.

Founded in 2016 in the UAE, SARF Commodities is already a well-established trading organization. SARF trade a wide variety of commodities from, agricultural products to flexible packaging materials, polymers and petrochemicals.

SARF Commodities are currently using Excel to manage their trading operations. As the business has seen rapid growth, managing their trading operations in spreadsheets presented them with a number of challenges that reduced potential growth and the future profitability of the business. As a result, SARF management decided to implement a multi-commodity CTRM system to address their business requirements.

Having identified the need to move from manual business processes to a CTRM system, SARF performed a competitive evaluation of the CTRM systems in the marketplace. As a result of the selection process SARF selected the Fendahl Fusion CTRM. Only the Fusion CTRM solution was able to provide the modern, flexible, multiple commodity functionality needed to manage the wide range of commodities SARF trades.

“Fusion is a flexible CTRM system that we believe will both support our current and future business requirements. The true multi-commodity nature of Fusion and the scalability the platform provides will enable SARF to grow and operate more efficiently in the years to come” – Salman Najam, Director, SARF Commodities DMCC

The implementation of Fusion CTRM at SARF Commodities has begun and is expected to be completed within the next 2 months.

Fusion CTRM offers smaller trading businesses a cost-effective way to move away from managing their trading operations with manual spreadsheets. Fusion automates business processes and effectively manages risk that allows small trading businesses to grow while controlling costs.

About Fendahl

Fendahl Technology is a rapidly growing global CTRM software and consulting company with a dedicated team of over 100 staff with offices in the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, serving a growing global client base across multiple commodity segments. Fendahl offices are located in the London, UK; Houston, USA; Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Nagpur, India.

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