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The CTRM and ETRM vendor landscape is pretty crowded with many vendors who either currently occupy or originated in a specific geographic or vertical niche. It has vendors that started in a specific agricultural commodity and it also has those that entered from elsewhere such as energy.

The reason for this is actually the same whether you look at energy or agriculture and softs complexity. Each commodity has its specific add-ons that must be there and each company – trader, producer, originator, consumer etc., has a slightly different set of requirements. Of course, this also varies by geographic location.

As vendors grow, they have to continually add functionality and depth to their application and, as they do so, they lose their flexibility as a vendor.

This means that there is always room for companies like Fendahl International that enable businesses that have adopted large scale risk management solutions such as Triple Point Commodity XL or OpenLink and back office financial solutions such as Infor Sunsystems, Oracle Financials or SAP with the reporting flexibility that large vendors struggle to provide reliably or cost effectively.

Fendahl International’s Executive Reporter is designed to meet the reporting needs of trading

organisations. Key features include:-

Powerful Ad-Hoc reporting – Allows authorised end users to build, edit, and view the reports they need to drive effective decision making.

Pre-built integration – Using Fendahl’s QuickStart database integration adapters Executive Reporter can be integrated into leading front, middle and back office solutions.

Ease of Use – The solution is designed to allow authorised end users to build, edit, or view reports. Using drag and drop functionality any authorised end user can build reports with minimal training.

Rapid Deployment – The solution can be implemented in most trading organisations in weeks not months.

On-going Integration Support – Fendahl International supports the QuickStart database adapters which means you can upgrade your front, middle, and back office systems and know your reporting solution will continue to work.

Enterprise Administration Tools – Executive Reporter provides authorised end user access to the information they need to drive their decision making but keeps the organisation’s data secure.

License Costs – Many back office staff do not need access to front, middle, or back office systems. They can view role specific reports. ETRM user licenses cost $20K to $30K per seat. Providing access to the data via reports is a more cost effective business model.

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