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Lower commodity prices have made most trading businesses cut costs. As a result there has been an increasing demand for cloud based CTRM solutions from small and large trading business.

Historically trading business have been reluctant to adopt in-cloud or SaaS (software as a service) based CTRM solutions. Security has been a major concern, not just hackers but also the potential unwelcome possibility of data sequestration of data held in certain legal jurisdictions. Also Cloud based CTRM solutions have been viewed as not having comparable functionality to traditional “on-premises” CTRM solutions. However these concerns are no longer valid.

A cloud based CTRM platform offers advantages over a traditional “on-premises” solution. The most obvious benefit comes in the form of lower purchase costs and a lower cost of ownership. This is due to the fact that there is no need to have expensive in-house computer servers and IT support teams for hosted CTRM solutions. The deployment or upgrade of hosted CTRM solutions does not require technical consulting teams on-site, and maintenance can be carried out and system upgrades can be rolled out remotely.

The main advantages, other than simply cost, of implementing a cloud based CTRM solution are:

  • Functionality – Cloud based solutions are providing advanced functionality, such as; business intelligence, market data integration, advanced risk management tools, etc, that was previously only available in “on-premises” solution as expensive add-ons
  • Scalability – Systems are scalable; they can be implemented a single user or 100 users at a time without system performance declining.
  • Rapid Deployment- Deployment times can be reduced significantly, in some instances by as much as 80% over traditional CTRM solutions.
  • Services Levels – Expert functional and technical support can be provided 24/7 remotely by solution providers without in-house technical or functional staff.
  • Enhanced Security – Improved cyber security and computer hosting based in jurisdictions that value business data confidentiality.


The move to cloud based CTRM solutions is not just restricted to smaller trading businesses. The clear benefits plus improved cyber security and hosting in more business friendly jurisdictions has encouraged top tier companies, such as Gunvor, Mercon Coffee, E.ON to move to cloud based platforms and many others are also starting to move their trading operations to a cloud based platform.

The key factor to decide upon is as always which vendors to choose. Many of the legacy “on premises” CTRM platform providers are resisting developing a cloud based offering. This has pushed the door open to new providers with a fresh approach to CTRM. Fendahl Technology is one of the key newcomers offering a next generation cloud based CTRM solution in the form of the Fusion CTRM solution. The Fusion solution is a good example of a full function cloud based CTRM solution that is designed to be an enterprise solution covering the requirements of front, middle, and back office.

Finding experienced third party consulting advice on cloud based CTRM solution has also been challenging as few traditional consulting businesses have much experience of cloud based CTRM systems. Specialist CTRM consultancies such as Principia Consulting offer perhaps the best source of independent CTRM advice with significant cloud based CTRM experience.

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